Daily update

  • The media has figured out that identity thefts are evil and cost me my previous source of income. Wonders never cease!

  • Osama bin Laden says: “Noam Chomsky was right when he pointed out that there is a similarity between the policies of America and those of mafia gangs. They are the true terrorists.”(1)

  • The “Wall Street Journal” is wrong to criticize Osama on global warming (in a context of criticizing Democrats for forgetting about Osama) just because Obama has said verbally that the united $tates is going to do something about global warming. Speeches and action are two different things.

  • There were no Al Qaeda cells in the United $tates in 2004.(2)

    1. James Taranto, “‘The Situation Has Changed,'” 29Jan2010,
    2. http://www.jihadwatch.org/2004/12/us-security-officials-no-more-al-qaeda-secret-cells-in-usa.html


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