Gender update

The appearance has been created that Obama and Clinton tried to throw yet another ex-girlfriend of mine into the hopper. Apparently, it took the government three years to make an admission.

These stories bring out atavistic characteristics in men. One reaction is to purge all the females not actively engaged in sex with revolutionaries. Such was the Black Panther solution.

Others say you make them go all night. This is where we have to account for the sexual diversity of females in the rich countries, and we are failing.

The standard pseudo-feminism says that females should be chosen for their brains and political character. Yet if these are effectively asexual females, then the bar is easier to cross for spies as well. Males and females don’t understand this very well, because males lack the sexual diversity of females and females are as yet theoretically unorganized. So ugly stories about my life keep popping up.

On the plus side, rumor has it that an older female has stepped up to leak on the University of Michigan. Lest I be accused of painting too dismal a picture, we also have Gore Vidal as pointed out by Roger Cohen talking about the United $tates landing economically between Brazil and Argentina.

So anyway, no I don’t think there is a sexual passion test you can run for female spies. The most physically passionate girlfriend I ever had — and she left others in the dust — was a millionaire with much in common with typical CIA. Meanwhile, one of the steadiest activists was completely asexual.

There needs to be a change in paradigm in which rebels realize that they are vastly outnumbered by spies inside U.$. borders. We can’t use the 1960s experience forever. There is no female here that far from being a spy for the ‘ho structure. The father of the only one to ever ask me to marry in the 20th century asked her to work for the FBI. We of certain demographic backgrounds all know cops and spies here. In fact, if I find myself attracted to someone, chances are good she’s a spy. If can talk with her without falling asleep, chances increase further and if she reciprocates in some kind of interest — self-esteem be damned — we’ve crossed way past the 50% likelihood threshhold.



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