Obamautonic website shutdown update

The first four countries to tell the Obamautons they are wrong about what they think for shutting down my website probably were not recognized. Nor did I translate. Sometimes I have to keep secrets.

On the other hand, the next three after the first four may have been noticed and understood.

Let’s be clear the problem lies with Obamautons, not a lack of international public effort. Someone whose initial reaction to lynching was correct had a lot of junk piled on him immediately afterwards and like I said, no one campaigned against the lynching.

One could say it’s my fault for not teaching espionage and diplomacy, just COINTELPRO. However, if I had said so-and-so had an Oxbridge boyfriend it would not have mattered. It matters now because people with less ego at stake can evaluate the evidence.

On that score, people have a right to snicker at me. Definitely Castro and maybe even Caroline Kennedy have figured out more than the people I trained. So, age and experience are cumulative advantages. I had training on what to do in unpopular public opinion situations and that training was from multiple angles ranging from history to espionage.

In terms of prevention, it’s still the anti-racist struggle that speaks to the need for process I never had. If there were no spying question involved, that would still be true. So in this sense, Amerikan hardliners do deserve the blame.


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