The political class and the Black people

As an exercise, I take Ishmael Reed’s piece(1) today as Aesopian criticism of both me and Michelle Obama; although, it’s clear he also has some skepticism about what goes on in the assimilation process that I am also attacking–the price of Oreo, Coconut, Twinkie and Radish life.

It’s not surprising to me that based on an informal process of rumor-mongering that Reed did not draw the correct conclusions. Lynching networks including all Aesopian processes favor white supremacy. That should be obvious and what is happening here is that I don’t have the standing of a Paula Jones or even a Willie Horton to make it into a public accusation process. Instead, what we have ongoing since the 1990s is that no one has to go on public record, while at least in the Willie Horton case there was a commercial of public stand and editorials of public stand by the press.

I don’t think Reed should blame his own position regarding an individual’s life on the Black people. Only 26% of people know that it takes 60 votes to break a Senate fillibuster.(2) The percentage of people who know about my life and have knowledge of what people would do to get court appointments is going to be a tiny percentage of the remaining 26% paying attention. Conversely, if Mr. Reed wants to tell me that Black people were there when Ann Arbor police took me down, that the Black people were there when I made two public written statements against the lynching at the time, that Black people were there to know how much time passed or the circumstances of the medical allusions Reed made, that Black people were on top of it when an CP-USA member met me alone including what he told me about an encounter with security that my lyncher was involved with, that the Black people knew about my encounters with the CIA up to that point, that the Black people were paying attention in all my calling out of fascists in the 1990s on the Internet, that the Black people saw the Avakianites raise rape rumors and insinuations against me on the Internet, that the Black people jumped up in recognition when I was the first to connect RCP to Merchandise Mart, Kennedy and the 2004 Democratic convention, that the Black people knew I received death threats from the RCP after revealing that, that the Black people knew that Barack Obama decided to run after my successful struggles starting in 2006 that clued people in that yes, there was high level government involvement, that the Black people saw me predict in advance that a sleazy deal would be made in the 2008 campaign, if Reed has evidence for all of that, I’d take his assertion more seriously.

What I see is that very few people are paying attention especially all the way back into the 1990s, that the historical record is being erased and taken down, that my house has been ransacked to throw things out and all this is known to the government.

Conversely, Reed might do better to realize there is such a thing as a political class paying attention. In all of this I am pointing to things that obviously require a public hearing where people say what they think or remember and then get cross-examined and then classified evidence gets released — everything that is the opposite of lynching.

I realize that Bush and Obama both have selectively declassified bits of my life and sent them on into Hollywood. As you might imagine, I take opinions resulting from that a little less seriously than people I know were paying attention to what I said and predicted each step of the way. Zombies are impressed by Hollywood even as they fail to understand all the allusions in it. I’m keyed in on what the international proletariat needs to know, not the bought off people here, including bought off Blacks.

Understand: before 9/11 I was calling out people in favor of the Afghan war (the political class already knew that Bush wanted the Iraq War before 9/11).
I called those people fascist. We then had the Reichstag fire of 9/11, the Patriot Act, the elaborate discussion of my lynching in the 2006-7 period, again, over the Internet, the use of my lynching in the 2008 campaign and the corporatist takeovers of banks and auto starting under Bush and continued and intensified under Obama. And note, here we have Obama intensifying the war in Afghanistan and never opposing it ever — just as I said about these people all along since the 1990s. The media and political class also noticed that I was right about Clinton and the weapons of mass destruction canard. Notice I said “Clinton,” not “Bush.”

And if the Afghanistan war has to come to an end, it could well be because the government can’t afford to expose it’s no win involvement of me in the events leading up to 9/11. Ironically had McCain come to power, we’d have had a smoother path to shutting down the Afghan war.

We’ve all gone to the movie where someone is confronted with something that no one believes him/her about. After a certain number of predictions come true, one should begin to believe.

I predicted that when the Black people saw Obama on television they would turn to him from Clinton despite what polls said. Likewise, if the soundbyte version of the lynching is rumored around the Black people, the result is going to be the same rally to Obama effect. It’s not measuring knowledge of a life, just politician preferences by ethnicity. I can make the observation that that is what would happen, but it’s not based in anything of substantial struggle.

The whole blame-the-victim approach or the approach that Obama is a victim “too” is belied by careful reading of the sequence of events. Obama was protected and succeeded. He ran with the aid of the beneficiaries of the lynching and knew he had to run before Bush left office.

P.S. If I read Reed incorrectly, I apologize in advance. Everyone knows I hate Aesopian things and sometimes just use something to provoke a thought.



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