British goals in the subcontinent

India has made an overture for peace in Kashmir. This causes me to review some things discussed in the British media.

Perhaps it is true that the British transport Taliban from Afghanistan into Pakistan to draw off forces from the India border and make negotiations on Kashmir more palatable to India. One thing we can be certain is that if the Islamic rebels kick out the Amerikans from Iraq and Afghanistan and the Palestinians make peace, then the fear will be that every Islamic fighter will head for Kashmir.

In turn, the relative level of Islamic tension with India affects the ability of the Peoples War in the subcontinent. I’m not sure myself how the subcontinent’s revolutionaries look at a potential peace deal in Kashmir and also separately whether it is right to push Uncle $am to push India to the table.

There is also the question whether it is really possible in the short or medium-term to remove tensions with Islam from India’s plate. All things being equal, we would like to see India’s situation decomplicated so that it may partake in the international united front without suspicion of alliance with the united $tates and I$rael. I have not acted because I did not want to be involved in pressuring Uncle $am qua India, because it might be counterproductive.

My own thinking has emphasized struggling where the U.$. role is more clearcut. If we succeed and get the ball rolling then there are number of other regional challenges that will be easier for the international proletariat.


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