Dictatorship of the proletariat and the First Amendment

The Supreme Court recently decided on opening up corporate possibilities for spending in campaigns. Since I said something similar in another matter, I agree with Stanley Fish that as a teacher I’m delighted with the Supreme Court decision on the First Amendment.

As a citizen, I’d like the First Amendment modified something like the following:

“The only people allowed to contribute to political campaign coffers in the United $tates will be citizens of the world making $5000 or less a year and working full time.”

That would be the dictatorship of the proletariat expressed in nice constitutional form. It would solve corruption and many problems in getting along with other countries.

The media should have limits on its pay too so that we get altruists in the media and teaching. (That assumes there’s a pool with skills for those two and there’s much doubt in the united $tates about primary and secondary school teacher qualifications.)

It’s not going to happen soon, because the international proletariat is not ready to invade and impose the constitutional amendment and the forces we communists can organize are sapped of vitality. We are too rich and bourgeois in this country, so we have the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie.

When we get the social vehicle of change wrong, everything else about our alleged Leftism is fouled up. The question cannot be evaded. Both sides of the McCain-Feingold controversy are forced to argue within bourgeois range. When we communists get used to that we forget our minority tactics. That’s why it’s good to hear about the Chicago corruption for a senate seat just as Foley and Craig took up the cause.


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