A tale of robots: Daily update

1. “The drones can carry out surveillance – what the RAF describe as a ‘staring eye’ – of the battlefield around the clock, far longer than conventional manned aircraft.”

The Brits are referring to the Amerikans they copy with flying robots over Afghanistan, but they could also be talking about the Obamautons’ priorities — the use of lynching to further war.


2. Tony Blair cabinet officer Clare Short traded her support for the Iraq War for the Palestine “Road Map” and other items. She is now resigning her last post over the Iraq War.

“‘Loyalty is a good quality,’ she says, ‘but loyalty to something that’s wrong is not good.’ Moreover, she argues, loyalty to a party as she understands it no longer exists.”

“‘I WISH he [Tony Blair–ed.] hadn’t conned me. I WISH he’d really meant it, but goodness knows, he is persuasive – and you DON’T want, in the teeth of a war, to believe your prime minister is simply manipulating you.'”


3. It’s hard to tell, but maybe the West passed over another overture. The “Times Online” says Iran started upgrading nuclear fuel processing.


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