More “New York Times” disinformation

There is no part of what I have done or said about the lynching that is “art” unlike their work, but if the “New York Times” or anyone else believes so, they should say it in print, as I have been saying for years.

We continue to play games where the president makes secret assertions that I have to answer to while he does not get blame if those secret assertions are false. It’s an utterly racist standard of accountability. The public does not see him and his campaign do this; yet, the media continue to come up with excuses.

Let me have a transcript of his life and I’ll release secret bits of this or that and we’ll see how he fares. Give me one public accusation however long they want and then I’ll shoot it down in detail and we’ll see how many people are intimidated as well.

There is no way to be wrong when one allows false attacks not in print. I’m here having to answer about every girlfriend in my past, but the media allows Obama to skate around unaccountably. The reason for that is a racist imbalance in power, plain and simple.


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