No Aesopian deals

I need to simplify in case there is any worry out there about ambiguity.

1. I will not make any Aesopian deals with my government-media at this point.

2. I see myself as carrying out the recivilizing stage of struggle. Hence, I will not make an open deal skipping to the second stage, which is actually running for office. If there is no first stage, there is no second.

For those who have followed things in Aesopian terms, you’ve seen a lot of Aesopian offers to me as a persyn, none of which have been delivered on over years of time. Even if in some principle it would be possible to do first and second stage deals simultaneously on paper, I would not believe it. What would be needed, what the crypto-Trots are trying to talk me into is an Aesopian deal skipping to the second stage, when I would not even accept a simultaneous Aesopian deal for the second stage after a written first stage.

If my position is too hardline for anyone out there in the Third World, I apologize. I don’t put much stock in the Liberal capital I’ve been handed and I believe the class struggle should proceed and Asian-unAmerikkkans should take another crack at things later.

I saw them pass on Suu Kyi and I know they care about her.

In principle, I would horsetrade with a country in the international united front, but I can’t think of any deal that needs to be made.

Anyone who follows what I have said the last 15 years knows I’m in character. I’m not going to be intimidated by a lynchmob media or politicians who make accusations before an investigation. At the moment, what I say seems like too much of a rule change for the system to bear.

The reason I’ve never been given anything in writing in 20 years is that my attackers knew it was something to be used in a campaign in which there would be either total success through their silence or a horse-trade. However, there is not going to be any reward for lynching from me.


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