No bad deed goes unrewarded

A curious silence enveloped the left-wing of parasitism when the Human Rights Watch released a report on atrocities against lesbians and gays in Iraq. “They Want Us Exterminated” came out in August 2009 and MIM published on it with no responsible reply from the liberal Democrat media.

It’s obvious why there was no response: the actors involved have contacts with the Shia majority government. That includes the Obama administration which would retain blame.

The Human Rights Watch is not a Maoist group. It is an organization usually quoted at length in the liberal media. One of the culprits HRW targets — and MIM has no evidence from direct investigation itself — is the Mahdi Army.

Not a Maoist source at all, the Wikipedia says the following about the Mahdi Army:

“The Mahdi Army, also known as the Mahdi Militia or Jaish al Mahdi (Arabic جيش المهدي), is an Iraqi paramilitary force created by the Iraqi Shi’ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in June 2003.

The group rose to international prominence on April 4, 2004 when it spearheaded the first major armed confrontation against the U.S.-led occupation forces in Iraq from the Shi’ite community in an uprising that followed the banning of al-Sadr’s newspaper and attempts to arrest him, and lasted until a truce on June 6.”

In other words, the Mahdi Army did not exist until the U.$. invasion of Iraq.

Mystery solved — the curious silence is a result of bad judgment at the “New York Times.” The same people who bought Clinton on weapons of mass destruction, who bought the 9/11 story contributed to the Iraq War which created the Mahdi Army. However, listening to the “New York Times” one would think “They Want Us Exterminated” applies to Amerikan LGBT in the U.S. military.

Attention to the principal contradiction between imperialism and the oppressed nations has done more to advance gender liberation in the last 100 years than focus on gender directly which usually ends up in nationalist exercises as we see in the “New York Times” now. To refute this argument the “New York Times” would have to say HRW was exaggerating or guilty of Islamophobia: don’t hold your breath.


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