Daily update

First we have the week in review.

I complained about etext.org again; the media and some countries supported me; I snarled at the federal government and Obama took the opportunity to weaken Palestinian cards. In tandem, the “New York Times” had multiple desperate snits. That’s where we are now with the “New York Times” eating up lynching in a desperate bid to save the Democrats.

It’s not likely that Palestinians are unaware of what is going on, given Al Qaeda cells on Palestinian territory.

The only thing the Democrats are going to be able to do is show people how lacking seriousness they are in anything they do.

  • Putin said the following; “‘You cannot turn into ‘Mr. Promises,’ who makes promises just to pull the wool over people’s eyes, to break into positions of power, and then goes about solving his own personal problems without thinking about fulfilling your promises.'” “Personal problems” is how the RCP=CIA termed my lynching that Obama used. There had to be some explanation in the interim years leading up to the recent climax of struggle.

    Putin also paraphrased Mao on the importance of the correct line while simultaneously rubbing in that in his speeches he was being more Liberal than what the United $tates is practicing at the moment.

    Obama stupidly promised to close Gitmo AND simultaneously used the lynching card instead of uncovering it in exchange for nothing when I advised. Now the desperate Democrats try to take that out of my hide. As usual, being unprincipled does have consequences.

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