More extortion

The “New York Times” has taken part in another extortion plot involving lynching, with another white female.

A persyn representing herself as the sister of my lyncher (perhaps with the point of demonstrating knowledge of my diaries) but without ever naming my lyncher by name introduced herself to me at a bar in NY when I was reporting about approaches from Satanists and Clinton supporters. She spoke in Aesopian language the whole time with knowledge of my diaries. She rattled off recent things I had said on class.

The National Public Radio is also taking part.

It is very clear that the Democrats subsist on lynching as a regular tactic. No doubt the reason Charles Blow says Obama is back is this latest extortion plot.

This plot involves a reputed professional working for a Catholic organization.

The Obama administration and “New York Times” are now especially out in the open undermining Mideast diplomacy.

In very recent years, the enemy has tried to add in other females that are not white into the lynching repertoire, but without luck, because they were too late. In general the strategy has been to criminalize my every contact with white females.


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