Liberal international equality and daily update

The things happening in my life are spooking people globally. However, I would not be too quick to draw equal parallels between despotism here and despotism elsewhere.

Russia has a history of doing things parallel to the United $tates in the 1956-1991 period, but few other countries really can. And within the Third World it’s an apples and oranges comparison.

Asking for government accountability is much more important with a country that runs several others. It should happen in real time. In some countries there may not be as much life and death conflict internally, because military roles are vastly diminished. If there is a lazy politics in that situation, a lack of accountability, it’s not exactly the same thing; although, of course we still want other nations to enjoy accountable government too.

1. I certainly know enough not to deny what happened in home entertainment.

2. When I drove her home, I told the reputed Catholic professional that she was CIA or otherwise knew who I was. She told me she was my worst enemy and ended by referencing an article Caroline Kennedy also referenced of mine about counterrevolutionaries.

3. My best guess about what they are telling me today is that the evening with the alleged Catholic professional was indeed an attempt to create another scandal; albeit a small one with something in Washington in mind. I’d ask Congress to set the record straight on that as well.

It looks like Democrats used the scandal to release some program for the war on Afghanistan.

Let’s hand it to the Republicans too, because Senator Shelby made a trade on nominations: “Shelby wants an Air Force aerial refueling tanker and a new FBI explosives center to be built in Alabama.” Susan Estrich has pointed out that Republicans have 41 votes in the Senate now, which means Democrats can’t remake health programs without them.

So what they’re trying to say is that the Democrats and Republicans are working on their minor political football questions and it takes time. Krugman and the Establishment press are admitting the government is close to completely dysfunctional. Well, youth should be grossed out.

The bad thing about parliamentary sluggishness is it encourages a fascist movement. We do a slower, more high-tech fascism here in the United $tates, because we’re older and richer than Germany was.

4. The handler for my lyncher was in vehement denial that Reagan had anything to do with her activity. She showed no sign of being aware of that possibility till after my columns, if then. I still have not seen any admissions to that effect, not that I have looked in the last year or so. It was “FDR Democrat” all the way, right in line with Obama.

If someone were going to say something, it would have to be career people in the foreign service and intelligence and the Brits. Clearly the Brits knew before 9/11. The Brits should think about a parliament resolution, create a deadline.



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