Daily update

We had a series of admissions in the last 48 hours.

Let me concur that either zero or two Black females were sent in the last four years to check on me, and the two were not into it if they were sent. 20 years ago, there were no Black females sent, but the calculation would have been that another race would be more credible for lynching purposes, and let’s admit they had their way with the issue 20 years: it worked.

Plus there was also one Black female sent via dating network to convey post-hoc child pornography threats against me on behalf of Obama and Holder.

So in other words, this was a gravy train for white females. And now “Newsweek” has also pointed out that among my friends they and their friends are getting promotions. Let me concur that as far as I know, none of those promotions went to Black females. So the gravy train is both short-term and long-term building of the ‘ho structure surrounding me.

Some other papers are still parsing what I mean by desire. I do think it’s catching on, but it will be a long time before what I said on that will really be accepted, the MIM line via MacKinnon. It’s not just a criticism of male dominance and enjoyment of power but also criticism of how females give up any intrinsic idea of pleasure (if they had any to begin with) and take up facsimiles of male desire artificially produced by the ‘ho structure.

In the 1930s there was much money, some Soviet, for U.$. union organizing. In the 1960s, there was the draft and an overwhelming demographic youth bulge. In my generation and more recent generations there is a huge increase in funding for government-related international work. It’s not really so far of a leap to say an average communist girlfriend would have been a stay-at-home housekeeper or union activist or sympathizer in the 1930s and a covert CIA or other state operative in more recent years. The problem is that the state now has various hooks and an increasing proportion of the population with no idea what it means to be independent of the state politically.

As to other allegations, I already answered them with mathematical precision my critics probably cannot understand on the etext.org Asian-unAmerikkkan website page taken down by the conveyor belts to and from the imperialist state known as revolutionaryleft.com and “Revolution Books.”


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