Drawing lessons with the national bourgeoisie

This past week has been the most illuminating of U.$. politics in the last four years.

In 2008, I heard intense speculation that I should be interested in campaigns and office. I told the national bourgeoisie outside U.$. borders that I only listened to such in case I could do something for the oppressed nation bourgeoisie, such as monitor a Mideast peace agreement. I’m long on record seeing the United $tates as overwhelmingly exploiter and oppressor population and hence federal elections do not make sense for us Jacobins.

I try to show the national bourgeoisie outside U.$. borders that I’m not trying to break the international united front and I’m not “unreasonable.”

To monitor a Reagan and Gorbachev agreement, I believe Jesse Jackson types would be fine. There are plenty of liberal Democrats for that purpose and let’s face it that Russia and China deserve to see the U.$. military budget cut. I see no reason to be lynched into office, because those kind of Democrats like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry already exist. The fact that Democrats have not already replaced Obama with another Black liberal Democrat proves how little anti-racism matters to them.

What we saw this past week is that the “New York Times” continues with the Asian-unAmerikkkan untouchable standard, whereby my accusations are unmentionable, while those of Paula Jones or even just a white female confidant of Monica Lewinsky such as Linda Tripp are mentionable. The latest justification is more post-hoc psychology, yet another lynching.

In 2008, I told Iran that the imperialists were trying to sell me as damaged goods to Iran, but the imperialists were not saying how they damaged those goods. Now we see the proof. The whole time that the United $tates was talking about putting me in office, it was coming up with new lynching cards of its construction in reserve, including the pre-election 2008 one that the lynchers tipped only this past week — (one that has been internally discredited.) It only further demonstrates that the lynchers have no integrity and those who have followed the Aesopian discussion of my running for office now see the proof.

For those who had any kind of faith in Obama or the “New York Times,” clearly they are willing to do much to fool with Palestinian cards in the name of protecting lynchmobs. We’ve seen the same thing since Avakian’s crew marched with the KKK in Boston in 1975, events chronicled in Ted Kennedy’s memoirs no less.

Before neo-colonialism decided to make a point of the new untouchable status of Asian-unAmerikkkan males where McCain’s Asian daughter is nameable but lynchworthy and I’m unworthy of accusation status because I’m not in a white senator’s family, before that, the standard for deciding on intelligence questions was evaluation of the original events, not various post-hoc psychologisms 20 years later. I’d say that the “New York Times” is especially incompetent in matters of national security, but that would be giving it the credit of seeing beyond untouchable status.

The Alinsky playbook says to invent thousands of individual post-hoc psychological comparisons, because Alinsky was a white nationalist of firm Anglo-Saxon values. Our idiots in the left-wing of parasitism think he was some kind of radical, not a white nationalist.

There’s no point in coming to power via Alinskyism for foreign policy. It inevitably means cobbling together the minority of white liberals and throwing in some hook for the extreme white nationalist right. There can be no other mathematical solution for winning majority elections as Democrats. It won’t matter for many questions of governing, but radicals should aspire to gain power to push the ball slightly forward on the tough questions. Instead what happens is these Alinskyites get in the way of the real revolutionaries thus undermining Jacobin strategy and whatever intellectual fermentation that could occur.

It’s better for Democrats or Jacobins to hope to come to power accidentally. Just because the Republicans use edgy tactics like Willie Horton does not mean the solution to winning is doing something 1000 times worse. You screw your foreign policy.


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