Import of future feminist leaders needed

I’d like to request that the Third World think about exporting a few potential intellectual feminists to the West for graduate school. The problem with what we have here is that Rockefeller internationalist feminism is hiring tokens from every country and having them tell their individual experiences. Comparisons across countries never occur systematically. Individual stories and experiences that are not necessarily representative of an overall comparison end up being used as the excuse for wars on Third World countries.

For that matter, the next great party-building might be by asexual or bisexual females at the core. The one thing MIM did right was an LGBT and asexual-friendly line that somehow led to a good proportion by biology in the organization. With Third World female leadership, maybe something could really get off the ground.

It’s the kind of thing where people here just have no idea if an experience they are talking about is representative of 1% of a country’s people or 80%. With the influence of post-modernism added in people are also apt to consider word games the equivalent of real-world violence, mostly because they have no idea of real world violence. If we could send some people here to consider drawbacks of patriarchy as it exists in different cultures and come to overall ideas of the percentage of the time such drawbacks occur, we’d be well on our way to comparisons of patriarchy across culture.

We’re not going to fix this problem soon, but looking 10, 15 and 20 years in the future is possible.


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