Jesse Jackson on the road & RCP

I do disagree with Jesse Jackson on the issues, but I recognize that he is a liberal Democrat like what the Amerikan public thought it was electing. That’s why I suggested him for president.

“There’s no history quite like black history, and it’s always an error when people confuse that history with any other group who came here from some distant shore. No one else came here as slaves, and it distinguishes African Americans from immigrants,”(1) said Jesse Jackson.

I’m glad he said that, because it reminds me of how it was a Black in the Chicago-based RCP with the Kennedy-owned headquarters address who said that our mere line on the dictatorship of the proletariat of the oppressed nations was slavery. They said putting everyone in a labor camp was slavery.

In other words, you had a party there based in Chicago that thinks political correctness word games are equivalent to the kind of slavery under which Blacks came to the United $tates. Me, I have never said that people in Russia since Lenin lived under slavery. One of the people in my lynching has said so. I see a particular Black History connection behind that myself, but it’s an example of how minimization of Black History can also damage other peoples.

And you have in that same RCP party lynchmob people who used the word “slavery” to refer to baseball player millionaires. One of the professors behind my lynching, militant materialism and bashing of Iran prior to 9/11 refers to baseball players in lecture as “proletariat” — just because they make a salary and don’t own the team. (They sure as heck own stock and other potential assets with the money they make.)

I believe Jesse Jackson knows better than reported. These are issues of class and it is not just non-Blacks who water down issues of class.

The very same people who referred to baseball players as “proletariat” or even “slaves” spread rape rumors on the Internet against me. The problem is that now the major media have found those documents dating to prior to 9/11 and they’ve started reading them. I see the evidence in the press increasing daily.

What was done with me in two different swimming situations was akin to what was outlawed in the French Revolution in 1789. In other words, it’s a lot more than a word game or making $5 million a year instead of $10 million like the sports athletes.

Obama and I have a lot in common demographically. Obama and I both had white mothers and neither of us can claim a father going back two generations in the United $tates, never mind back to slavery. Yet one of us comes from an Iran-bashing political background and pins fabricated rape allegations on the other.

If Jesse Jackson believes he is too tightly intertwined with Obama, that’s his moral decision to make. I don’t have conclusive evidence of that, but if he thinks so then he should support Holder or Wilder for president. I’m not objecting to having endorsed Obama. I have political problems with Jackson, Holder and Wilder no doubt, but I don’t think you can say that Jackson or Wilder benefited from the lynching as individuals in the Liberal sense. Holder got his job from Obama, but he had a similar job before Obama too. My problems with Holder go into the Mideast hopper, which is why I’m saying he could be president without claiming to be as much benefiting from lynching.

“We did not come here as immigrants. We came here as the commodity, and for many years, African Americans as commodities were more valuable than insurance or banking or land. No one else was designated three-fifths human in the U.S. Constitution. No other group required legal appropriation to obtain legal rights. No other group had to have anti-lynching laws passed, or the military take them to school, in Little Rock or Montgomery, or wherever.”

“Black history is the journey that made it possible for Barack Obama. He is the result of our struggles.”


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