Example of innate racism of Aesopian discussion

“Somebody’s Else’s Rumor” touches on something important about the innate racism of Aesopian discussion.

Historically in the United $tates it was the KKK lynching Blacks for so much as looking at a white female. Connected to that was rumors. It should go without saying that such rumors disproportionately oppress people of color; yet, the New York Times stokes the rumors, pays for them and rewards them with office.

“Keller is right when he says, ‘The only honorable thing I know to do in such a situation is to finish our reporting as expeditiously as possible and tell readers what we’ve learned.'”

By this standard, the “New York Times” is long ago dishonorable. It goes on so long that it enables further post-hoc and psychological excuses; even though, the New York Times has been following this story all the way back into the mid-2000s, complete with rumors on yours truly.

A competent investigation would count me as a source of greater value than Linda Tripp and it would already know that you can’t change the events of the original lynching or the campaign 2008 with various stories, for the same reason you cannot change the Rodney King beating with stories about his run-ins with police afterwards.

What is clear is that competent investigation was never the aim at the “New York Times.” Had Obama not screwed up, Paterson would not be facing headlines such as those discussed by Hoyt.



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