Family values and “No Aesopian deals”

  • See “No Aesopian deals”

    The Aesopian effort to blame the victim for a lack of civil rights continues by skipping over the first stage of struggle to the stage of fantasizing an actual run for office. The Establishment media has suggested I trade everything and it continues to make such suggestions in an effort to discredit me.

    I would like to assure the imperialists that if something untoward happens to me regarding second-stage considerations that I vouch to the rest of the world that it’s a different matter than failing in the first stage.

    The idea of running a man my age with no wife and kids for office is pretty much absurd at a sociological level. Add in the unconscious anti-intellectualism and racism out there and no persynal wealth and we’re talking major sociological guarantees for voter discomfort. That’s not to mention that voters don’t like communists, so you have to wonder about the whisperers to begin with.

    If I were to run against a typical candidate with a family and corporate accomplishments, I would have to claim not to be the family values candidate. There have been a number of suggestions how to ameliorate that. On the whole, I’d bet sociology that this question gets decided by photographic appearances, not clever tactics.

    Nonetheless, these are all second-stage questions.

    In any case, some are beginning to see the merit of having me as an historical witness. I know too well the psychological preoccupations of U.$. politics to have thought otherwise. However, the Asian-unAmerikkkan people deserve a public battle to see where the struggle stands. Public accountability tells people where the struggle is at by laying down a marker to compare and contrast. After that there are more important struggles to attend to.


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