Racist Pilgrim appropriation of sexuality

  • See the original article on this topic.

    Let’s look at the “theory” first offered by a white male Pilgrim. The following questions arise:
    1) Why is a white male telling anyone about someone else’s sexuality to begin with? Why is he considered a source?
    2) Look at the allegation itself, why was it not a scandal AT THE TIME IT HAPPENED, years before the true source of the problem?
    3) Was the colony involved the kind of place to have a scandal just over that?
    4) How would the speech-maker know to make a scandal of that if she were not spying?
    5) When did the scandal finally happen and who drew benefit?
    6) Who drew benefit again in the second Bush term from the rumors?
    7) Who drew benefit yet again in campaign 2008?
    8) Where is the victim on record at the time saying what the Pilgrim “theory” alleges?
    9) Where did the Pagan live after the alleged scandal origin?
    10) How good are Pagan memories?

    This whole racist stream of events should be rejected, because Pilgrim towns weren’t like that. Something was spied out and MADE INTO A SCANDAL complete with diversion. It was not the witches making the scandal. It was a Pilgrim bitch and her friends.

    The object of the third party infiltration gambit is to create interlocking scandals. To follow it, one must know what is and is not considered a scandal, who made the scandal and what it interlocked with.

    That this is even being discussed is outrageous racism ignoring documents with names in them spelled out. This outrageous racism is all to benefit cults.


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