Another warning against defamation and again on why the U.$. media is racist

When red state (Republican) people are involved, the standard of the U.$. media is Willie Horton, South Carolina 2000 and the Jena 6. When it comes to far more severe Democratic Party racism, untouchability is the standard — as in I can’t be named.

Not many Euro-Amerikan people have participated in a KKK rally. That’s extremism even by racist standards here. Yet, the RCP that put in Obama as cop-in-chief has joined a KKK rally in the past. No U.$. media dares report this; although, everyone knows that David Duke became a Republican.

There has never been a greater reward for lynching than the presidency. That is why a portion of Hollywood and the RCP is busy distracting questions toward sub-reformism and people without real power.

There have been several people who have told the U.$. media that my lyncher was the one behind the rumor — and this going back years. It’s not just one Linda Tripp out there. When it comes to sexual fabrications against distant Third World people, the U.$. media is all for humyn rights. When it comes to Asian-unAmerikkkans, the rape fabrication is relabelled “dissent.”

The “New York Times” is part of a plot to criminalize my meager contact with white females. There have been no arrests and no charges. Indeed, I have not even been informed of the latest insinuations in the Aesopian rumor mill: the reason is simple, because to do so would leave evidence behind of something I could file suit or even criminal charges regarding. That’s why the “New York Times” continues to carry on in this fashion. It is unwilling to give me anything concrete to act on because there is nothing real there, only party campaign bullshit.

The real reason that the media has encouraged me to run for office is something that aspiring Sadats in the world must understand. The reason is that the law allows more slander, “almost anything” if a court determines that I am running for office or a public figure. This has the effect of confusing the wannabe-Sadats of the world. The New York Times is simply lying: no open communist like myself with the stands I have taken has ever run for high office in my lifetime. U.$. government is not that open to reform, no matter how much hype the media applies.

I recently forced the “New York Times” to reveal its hand on behalf of AIPAC and Obama and afterwards, Abbas declared his “waning enthusiasm” for Obama. I had already told the Arab world and Iran in 2008 that the Democrats were lying.

Since my lynching I have never been directly informed, never mind arrested or much less charged of any sexual crime. Hence, any open mention of me could land the U.$. media in hot water legally. That’s why it waits in hopes of my becoming a public figure and spreads rumors that I am under consideration as candidate for high office, rumors I am then forced to dispell for the benefit of would-be Sadats.

Since the time I announced my support for Wilder as a potential president, Wilder has apparently chipped in with Abbas. Now we need to turn to the next phase of struggle. The “New York Times” has exposed itself as tolerator of fabrications to benefit Senator Schumer and AIPAC along with the Islamophobic Avakian crew.

The U.$. media is obviously not serious and just waiting for a chance to slander me. The “New York Times” has admitted in Aesopian language, that yes indeed I was “howling” in public view (in their words) at the people preparing the Afghan and Iraq wars prior to 9/11.

If the U.$. media were serious, it would have handled that question long ago. It also could have handled the RCP rape rumors or the campaign 2008. Instead, the media is waiting for something to sell newspapers.

We are not counting on the media here. We are only explaining for the benefit of those following its Aesopian operations and its failure to cover certain issues.


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