Catholic update

As I explained at the time of reporting on Clintonites and Satanists visiting me in campaign 2008, I was also approached by Obamautons. One Catholic professional told me when I asked her if I had a message for her that she hated Clinton and supported Obama.

In any case, it is clear that she is involved in some kind of provocation against me. I recently received a message from some Catholics to support healthcare or else. (There is a division at work among those for Obama.) (The object of a rumor now at least posed as a professional working for a Catholic organization. Whether she really was or not was not clear; although, it appears clearer.)

Whatever minimal contact I have with white females, the racists try to criminalize it. However, their methods are always after the fact. I was popular at the time of my lynching, elected to office by a majority of the daily newspaper staff. Now the liberal racists whine about my abrasiveness as if I were to blame for their racism going back decades.

Their racism is so desperate that they are forced to argue that I was running for federal office in the 1990s, not that they were covering up lynching. And according to these desperate racists, I was running for office when I said the U.S. government sacrificed its own citizens on 9/11, the day of 9/11 itself.

The international community should not be intimidated by the recent lies of the “New York Times.” There are disadvantages of being whisperers and desperate racists. They have no proof of what they want to contend now and forced to I would find others of their rumors contradicting what they say they rumored. (Ridiculous isn’t it, how it’s necessary to argue with these scum.) Had they come out with some documents, they could have had something going forward, but then again, things would have been different all around.

Congratulations to Mitt Romney for attacking “liberal neo-monarchism,” but U.$. internal politics is not decisive. Pressure on U.$. fascism mostly has to come from outside. Many believe that U.$. institutions have not been taken over decisively by fascism. I see no evidence of that, just the same kind of paralysis that took over the Social Democratic Party in Germany in the 1930s. True, Obama has yet to come out in the open for fascism, just all the main planks. It’s being eased in step-by-step, with my lynching, the shutdown of the MIM website and so on.


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