Regarding humyn rights activists

The time has come to cut through the nonsense especially in the Middle East and see who is going to do something about humyn rights and diplomacy. I hope to hear from the parliaments of various countries willing to name me by name and condemn the racist fabrication of rape charges against me for campaign purposes.

  • First I will ask the countries accustomed to invading other countries and making humyn rights accusations globally to take a stand — Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. I hope to hear from them by the 24th.

  • In the next group, I urge South Africa and Korea to take a stand, countries less known for criticizing other countries internally, but who nonetheless have an interest in getting immigrant relations, Iraq and Afghanistan correct.

  • On March 1 and thereafter, I hope to hear by name from Cuba, Venezuela and other countries willing to criticize the United $tates.

    For decades, MIM informed the public that the United $tates is the world’s prison-state leader percentage-wise of the population. Even before my lynching, I was explaining that humyn rights is a tool the rich countries use to control poor countries politically. When it comes to humyn rights in the rich countries, the imperialists hope that the vast multitudes of the Third World will mistake consumer appliances for freedom.

    We will soon know who our true friends are and who is just posturing in order to sabotage Mideast diplomacy.


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