A thousand clinical trials is not a thousand schools of thought contending or blooming

Run a thousand statistical studies on aspirin and you are bound to find at least one that says aspirin boosts IQ and prevents pregnancy.

The racists attacking me don’t have any standard of relevance or integrity and so they go on making up rumors day in and day out — now at the rate of more than one a day. I am showing the international united front that that is exactly what passes for reasoning here. Got a racist grudge? Don’t admit it. Make up another persynal attack after another and do it in secret so that no one can see that you are doing it.

In the South it was the white sheets and burning crosses of the KKK. In the North it is infinite political correctness word games never claimed by name, except in the North the left-wing of parasitism is too racist to figure out that it’s the same thing as wearing sheets in the dark of night.

Make your scurrilous accusations, in public. Don’t try to make me knock them down one at a time in your literary equivalent of wearing sheets just so you can be saved the embarassment of racist accusations that the world would never tolerate if it knew of them.

The outrage is not the rumors, but the fact that I don’t have the status to make an accusation, not even one. The U.$. media is trying to change the question by generating so many rumors so fast that outsiders have to say, “we will not make a judgement based on rumors.” Of course not, because if you allow thousands of clinical trials over years of time, you will never be able to reach a judgement. The answer is not to hold another thousand clinical trials. The answer is to decide one or two or three white females connected to the largest rewards for racism and move on.


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