Avakian on record for white supremacy to rule

Readers should see a poster for the Avakianites. The biggest quote says:

“White supremacy is built into the very foundation of this country. It is something that this system and those who rule could not do without, even if they wanted to, which they don’t. And this has continued down to the present.”

Translation: to rule one has to be more racist than the other guy and that includes Avakian’s man Barack Obama of the “present.” It’s very tautological.

That’s what we mean by “socialism in words, imperialism in deeds.” It’s all window-dressing followed by action for imperialism.

The works of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bob Avakian are all rooted in Saul Alinsky who advocated organizing the minority of white liberals for “working class” issues and pulling stunts to get past a 50%+1 mark in elections, despite Avakian’s claiming to be a revolutionary.

The Alinskyites are all wrong because there are two other ways to fight: 1) extremist reaction backfires as in the case of Larry Craig and Mark Foley; 2) the main bulk of progressive forces is outside U.$. borders and brings pressure to bear on the United $tates. There is no reason to capitulate and achieve 50%+1 with Nazi stunts aimed at a non-existent progressive majority.


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