Comfortable white nationalist identity for lesbians

There is no term for an “Uncle Tom”-equivalent of lesbian identity. Chalk that up as another disproof that language is inherently directly misogynist: our position is that language usage may be ignoring both achievements and responsibility of females, but inherently English is actually more hateful toward males — with terms like pirates, terrorists, rapists and Uncle Toms always being imagined male. In the case of “Uncle Tom” there is no reason that term should be directed at males at all, because it’s about selling out Black people. And of course statistics on imprisonment of Black men bear out that the culture is loaded more against Black males than Black females, who are not seen as as much of a threat.

When one sides with my lyncher of 1989-1991, one is siding with homophobia in print. The program of the RCP at the time of the lynching stated after mentioning pornography and prostitution:

“As for homosexuality, this too, is perpetuated and fostered by the decay of capitalism. . . . Education will be conducted throughout society on the ideology behind homosexuality and its material roots in exploiting society, and struggle will be waged to eliminate it and reform homosexuals.”

See the RCP program in .pdf where this quote comes from

Now if Joseph Stalin (JS) said something like that back in the 1930s, MIM already pointed out that the context and what people in general were saying was not good at the time. However, by the 1970s and 1981 of this program by the RCP, things had changed. That RCP program did not change till after years of MIM criticism, and it was only years after the lynching.

In fact, MIM recently received information to the effect that Jiang Qing worked with LGBT in practice. We are left believing that Mao himself did not have a problem with Western dancing or LBGTs the way the Chinese public did at the time. So that was the 1970s in China already, but in the rich United $tates we still had Avakian talking like JS.

The most vehement supporter of the lynching movement that I knew of in the 1989-1991 period told me, “you can’t prove you DIDN’T [caps mine to emphasize her tone] rape someone.” It would not be hard to picture this persyn in a swiftboat ad against me. I told her at the time that I could prove it. More importantly, it’s hard to think of any reason for defense attorneys if one can never prove innocence. The whole attitude that an accuser is so much higher than the accused could be from fascism or pre-1789 serfdom.

The original context for the role of vehement supporter #1 was an interaction not involving me but involving both political and potential sexual competition for MIM females. I have been told I would not have had much interaction with the persyn otherwise.

So first there was the lynching, then a call on lesbian identity politics to defend it. NPR alluded to this recently and an obviously self-hating lesbian activist threatened to side with the RCP and racism via discussion of an after-the-fact claim that the lesbian activist felt physically threatened by me. This is exactly the kind of identity politics training people received in blue state hotbeds of fascism.

No one, no lesbian activist now or in the past ever sat down with me to have a discussion of how her road through Democratic Party activism was better than my road for LGBT liberation. We never hashed out who had greater achievements in that area. That was not the point. I was lynched first and then the call on lesbian activist identity became important.

A lesbian activist talking like JS for the backward line threatened me on NPR with going to 3 million alleged listener/readers on behalf of the Democratic Party. That’s why we need a term for “Uncle Tom” of lesbian activism. Any Christian conservative or mafia group could pay someone to discredit the LGBT community by always using it to justify KKK stunts.

With Obama’s connection to Chicago corruption and campaign money, we need a critical feminism. The idea that some people have untouchable status and that white females never lie about rape is a falsehood big enough for any two-bit mafia or party hactivist to drive a truck through.

Whether real or fake lesbians, people should not pin their racism on the LGBT community after-the-fact. For real white lesbians doing this, we need the LGBT equivalent of “Uncle Tom” as a term.

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