Snarky religious competition and No Aesopian Deals

Persynally, I have never seen my 1989-1991 lyncher drunk or stoned that I can remember right now. She insinuated something about drugs without mentioning a drug once. Since the later 1990s, her associates were the ones to paint the picture of a fun-loving drunk.

As far as I know, it’s all acting, and as I’ve said many times, it’s neither here nor there. Nor is her recently alleged Buddhism. You are suckers for fascism if you think so.

What I do have is considerably more evidence that she was cheating on me in the immediate time period relevant while nonetheless making the now infamous accusations.

Reading between the lines in USA Today, I gather the Pope investigated me for something. I have seen commentary at Harvard and abroad that puts me in snarky competition territory. Needless to say, I agree with the Pope’s findings on this question.

I have already promised the Congress I would not run against any of its current members and I have already named who I think the president and vice-president should be and the process for naming them. So I have given up those second-stage considerations for nothing in return. Really I shouldn’t have, but I have because getting the first stage done is important, if one believes that I have been selling Asian-unAmerikkkans short all this time in pushing the Jacobin thing too far.

I am an atheist, just not the sort that believes in bombing the proletariat for believing something. The crackpots including many PhDs supporting that idea I did my best to expose prior to 9/11. I regard them as atheists but tools of the dominant nation, class and religion.

See also, “No Aesopian deals” The stages question raises how the United $tates is now competing with the worst parts of Hinduism in making me an untouchable.

Don’t let me waste anymore U.$. politician time. If they think being lynched is “political” and a horse-trade, I’ve got nothing to say to them. The world is going to learn one way or another the status of citizen rights in the United $tates. If fascist is where it’s going I hope the world intensifies the struggle to starve the beast.


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