Word of mouth, White House reconciliation

A word to the many who do not involve themselves in politics full-time: my life is in touch with professionals. You can’t jump in at the appearance level on a one-time basis and understand anything. It’s not that I’m “isolated” or “aloof.” That’s stupid zombie talk. It’s that I have intersected with the deepest “national security” threats.

Most of the important questions involve combinatorial possibilities. Therefore, if one asks at a literal one-time snap shot level, one does not know anything. This should be evident from people with multiple allegiances, such as double agents.

The most I could tell you if you asked for a snap shot was the appearance created at a given moment. Understanding a whole train of events is considerably harder, and that’s what you need when dealing with professionals.

In this category, there are no ex-party members, ex-party associates (fake or otherwise) or friends of mine that I know of who work full-time on these issues. The exception would be some people in the secret services and mafia.

It’s one thing for a non-professional to have a certain impression. It’s another thing if the Democrats believe release of a certain transcript is going to hurt them less. That’s nuts. That transcript was not built to help Democrats now.

If I were to have a case about being a public figure, it would be in connection to diplomacy and possibly the academics of the Cold War, maybe like some pundits at the Aspen Institute or Rockefeller think tanks. It would be very unwise to make me a public figure on other questions, as if I ever had a campaign staff. There is no one globally going to accept that I was more involved with campaigning, not in public diplomacy. Yes, people in public diplomacy sometimes get hauled into campaigns. A fair categorization of my work would not be along the lines of campaigner, but a fair categorization of Democratic Party antics would clearly prove that they undermine diplomacy.

The professionals out there have read ALL of my works, including the persynal letters, dream fantasies, nighttime snoring and minor bills intercepted. There are NO friends of mine who know me that well; although, some ex-MIM comrades should be able to recognize rhetoric from the MIM website and publications in much Aesopian discussion these days. Such ex-MIM comrades who have read MIM publications completely could be up to 70% speed. That’s exactly why spies tend to focus in on communicating about things only they know about, and not my ex-comrades or friends.

If the Democrats ask why I turned down the appearance of a money-setup favor, others are going to ask about my history of turning down money. Capiche? Elton John? And then I might also have to explain what else I saw in 2008 that the losers in the White House did not.

What this incident does prove though is to what extent my critics are in AIPAC’s pocket, the RCP in particular being willing to go there on a regular basis.

Democrats should recall that I am pushing for a global warming bill. If they want a trade, they should make it there, because I regard the anti-Amerikan capital there as somewhat related to Palestinian diplomatic capital. Once they think about it though, Democrats should see I’m opposing healthcare but pushing on climate change, so even that has a natural balance to it.

If Republicans have a sudden change of heart and want a healthcare bill, that’s up to them. I don’t want to be dragged in.

It’s been pointed out that I did not take sides in the 2005 discussion of filibusters. The Democrats are badly deluded if they think they can drag me in now. I’ve got my own second-stage cards as well. They will be dealt when I decide to go there.



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