Sudden acceleration: need for a different hypothesis?

Senator Lamar Alexander attacked Obamacare on the 24th: “This is a car that can’t be recalled and can’t be fixed.”(1)

The original concern was over five deaths in Toyotas. The number expanded in further investigation: “Regulators believe floor mats are linked to at least five U.S. crash deaths, with 29 other consumer reports under review alleging fatalities associated with unintended acceleration.”(2)

Given how many Toyotas are out there on the road, that sounds like about the number due for mafia and secret service difficulties. We scientists like fatalities per 100,000 miles driven compared out among vehicles. Then we would like to see results accounting for the age and other characteristics of drivers.

It could be hard to find a design or implementation flaw if unsolved crime is the underlying problem.



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