On Tokenism by Obama

Son of Taiwanese immigrants Goodwin Liu has been nominated by Obama for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

There are some who believe that Obama’s appointments of Asian-descended people make up for lynching one to get elected. This notion is false on several levels.

First as in the case for the inclusion of sexual orientation in the hate crimes bill, there is nothing particularly notable about appointing Asian-descended people. It happens under Republicans and Democrats. It would happens under Biden or Jesse Jackson too.

Secondly, it’s not just that my lyncher and associates are involved in more scandals than with just me. It’s also that this spectacular lynching serves as an inspiration to blue state fascists across the country for lynchings big and small, and that is something a judge Liu could never make up for. The Democratic Party has clearly demonstrated that lynching earns the very highest reward possible.

Thirdly, the atmosphere of the appointments is especially noxious. Every Asian-descended appointee is only there under the condition of silence on lynching of Asian-unAmerikkkans, an atmosphere of utmost intimidation.

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