Iraq elections

What I don’t understand about the March 7 elections in Iraq is why Iraq needs them. The world just saw Hamas win elections in 2006 in Palestine and the sore loser Amerikkkans did not recognize the results. To this day, this is causing a problem for the Palestinians in negotiations for peace. When the Amerikans win Arab elections, they seize the oil and when they lose, they send some bombs to I$rael.

Let me admit that I insulted Maliki before I knew I was going to be this much involved in diplomacy. However, we need to leave the individual-to-individual word game questions aside there and focus on serious business. If the Amerikans want Iraq to have elections under U.$. boot, then the Amerikkkans should recognize Hamas and release Hamas’s charity workers in U.$. prisons.

Otherwise, there is no reason Third World people need to have U.$. elections. Amerikans need to straighten out the situation with the elections that have already happened.

Maliki is right to draw parallels with the situations of Amerikans disabled from running for office before they start. Maliki himself disabled some Sunni politicians in the elections.

What I ask the Kurds is not to take their frustrations out on the Palestinians. The Iraq front is draining the U.$. imperialists. Turkey should cut the Kurds some slack and the Kurds’ bourgeois leaders should change their tune on behalf of the Palestinians. There is a rare diplomatic opportunity in which the Islamic people are in good position via U.$. imperialism. It’s a chance to solve many problems.

In Myanmar and Korea, the Amerikans are saying “create civil rights for your people and we will create civil rights for Henry Park.” In Iraq, the flow goes the other way, “do what the Amerikans say or we will give Henry Park civil rights.” This in effect is a divide-and-rule tactic.

In the past week, we have seen that the rich countries, Korea and South Africa will not name me by name to defend my civil rights. I shall have to settle for those minor gains that derive from the armed struggle of the Third World. I will not make it through the first stage of struggle.

The Iraqis do not need elections. They need international united front to secure the interests of the Iraqi people and Palestinians. If the Amerikans want to leave they can leave. If they want to stay and claim that the world’s leading prison-state is fostering “freedom,” the Iraqi people should ask for the recognition of Hamas’s election first and the release of Palestinian charity workers in the United $tates.

The U.$. imperialists are dangling money, ex-girlfriends and even the presidency in front of me, but the reason is that they want to control Iraq and allow the British to run uncomplicated elections.

The imperialists are saying to reconcile with my lyncher. They are saying to trade the lynching for something else in my career. My international comrades can count on me: that is not going to happen. If we must psychologize me, yes, the rulers sadden me by getting to me through my ex-girlfriends. There is another psychological factor as well though and that is no one wants to leave the world worse than it was for his grandfather.

The Amerikans occupied Korea and put my grandfather under house arrest. They got to him through the stomachs of his starving children. Last I checked, the Korean people had not been told the full truth of the U.$. house arrest of my grandfather. In other words, there was something covert about it.

In my late 20s and late 30s, I passed on chances to have children. Still somehow I ended up in a similar situation as my grandfather. As far as I know, the sexual degradation angle was not part of my grandfather’s house arrest.

I do not believe Iraq is Korea. The Arab people see through elections clearly. We should put an end to illusions about Amerikkkan dumbocracy.


“Barring radical U.S. and foreign disapproval of this electoral travesty, Iraq is on its way to coup, civil war, and one man rule — and perhaps all three. The only winner in the current Iraqi electoral situation is Iran. ”


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