Humor for the day

There is no one who has written with a greater fury against pseudo-feminism than I have. Nonetheless, we have a couple people who have yet to write a lick on the topic of gender that are egging me on further or make claims that could only come from having taken greater action.

For me there is a huge persynal cost to having a dismal image of white females. I grew up in white neighborhoods and can count the number of mixed bloods relevant to me in early life on my hand. In the past couple weeks, I heard stories so bad that I imagined they could only be purposeful efforts to drive me over the edge — and here I am speaking of images of white females readers probably would not guess.

On a rational level, I can read others and realize that half-bloods pay a different price in this situation. It’s one thing to know on a scientific level that the intersection of gender and race has a long way to go. On that score I say no one has done better than me and my writing shows it. It’s another thing to assert there is always no persynal cost for confronting or even compiling the truth. People should spare me the irrelevant ad hominem attacks, especially when unaccompanied by even 0.1% written accountability compared with mine.

That goes for any other topic. Be prepared to show you did more if you are going to launch persynal attacks against me.


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