Obakianites drive Saudis to India

Saudi Arabia signed an extradition treaty with India to put joint pressure on the Maoists of India and the Muslim “extremists” in Kashmir.(1)

The move is an obvious response to Barack Obama and his Avakianite friends. Interviews of the Saudi King by Maureen Dowd(2) confirmed that the Saudi King is taking up the RCP=CIA line that not nation or class but religion is the de facto principal contradiction in the world: “‘The religious institutions in Israel are stymieing every effort at peace,’ said the prince, wearing a black-and-gold robe and tinted glasses.”(2)

This formulation suits the U.S. Congress, which has no official religion, and it lays the blame for world conflict on Muslims, Hindus and possibly extremist Zionists. The U.S. Congress formulation also found in Bob Avakian’s writings used to lay blame on Bush for extreme Christianity, but now with Obama in power, there is no religious blame to lay anymore according to the O’Baconite formula. No wonder things are going just perfectly in the Mideast now: Obama is not a religious extremist.

On March 2, India arrested a top Maoist leader connected to the Politburo of the insurgents.(3)

In contrast, most of the world continues to compare I$rael with the nation and class phenomenon of apartheid, not Kashmir. Even Larry Derfner at the “Jerusalem Post” while attacking the “apartheid” formulation, nonetheless sees the question as a national question of colonialism,(4) not a religious question of I$raeli and Palestinian religious extremism. Thus it is the Obakianites dragging things further backward than they have to be.

There is nothing in Lenin, Stalin or Mao justifying the Obakianites. They made up the line purely on a sectarian basis to justify lynching MIM at the expense of Palestinian diplomatic cards. Now in the pursuit of healthcare and other Democratic Party silliness the Obakianites regularly promise to roast the Arabs, thus jarring the Saudi King into action. If Obama had resigned when MIM had asked, we would not have seen this juncture of events.

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