Obama pulls everyone into line for Iraq War, Patriot Act

First he got the Saudis. Then Obama symbolically offered a corrupt deal regarding his own power and 9/11, thereby weakening Palestinian cards.

Now it’s no surprise that Gordon Brown is backing the Iraq War up and down the line as he heads to the finish line in the campaign. He had to make a campaign decision and we at MIM understand that.

“‘Gordon Brown took a major political gamble today by describing Tony Blair’s decision to go to war in Iraq as ‘the right decision for the right reasons’ and insisting that ‘everything that Mr Blair did during this period, he did properly’.”(1)

The “Guardian” article concerned also ends with some provisos.

True, Brown had to take blame for the campaign. Brown was too high-ranking at the time not to. It will have to be left to some Conservatives or Liberal Democrats to say they opposed the Iraq War.

The timing of this latest Brown admission is unfortunate, because Obama is offering a deal to actors regarding 9/11 at Palestinian expense.

In the midst of the dealing, Karl Rove made a comment about a “poison dagger” at the heart of the Bush presidency concerning weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.(2) Suddenly thereafter we see the “Guardian” cheering for the Iraq War in the headlines no less: “Brown is at his best with his back to the wall – as he was today at Iraq inquiry.”

“This was Good Gordon as opposed to Bad Brown: firm in his views, unwavering in asserting that the cabinet had been right to back the war – and that he had never let the army down.”(3) On the same day, Mark Weisbrot publishes another article complaining about Hillary Clinton and justifying lynching. One would suppose it could not get more obvious that Obakian-Weisbrot-Kasama-Rove=justifications for Iraq and Afghan wars, the Patriot Act, non-closure of Gitmo etc.

Hours after Rove got done talking about a dagger, the “Guardian” bled sympathy for Brown: “It is an old Westminster cliche that Gordon Brown is best when his back is pressed against the wall, a political dagger at his throat.”(3)

I will just remind readers that the proposed Obama deal is not going to work. Everyone knows that in campaign 2008, all that Obama had to do was unite the Hillary Clinton voters with his voters and the primary vote totals showed that he was on his way to trouncing the combined Republican field. In other words, the primaries boded well for the general election, but Clinton was on the ballot not Bush. Clinton was the one Obama needed peace with especially since the option of Palin was possible and taken for McCain’s VP. And anyway, the NPR stories and USA Today editorial were about a brother, not an uncle. The everyone has an uncle routine is not going to work.

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