Iraq, Senator Bunning and my candidate rights

The fact that the U.S. Congress has allowed the elections in Iraq approach without resolving my case regarding oversight of the executive branch can only mean a lack of seriousness in the Congress. Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) is correct, whether for hypocritical individual motivations or not: if the Congress were going to agree on something serious it would have been for the unemployment bill.

The counterargument would be that by putting in a bit on my case in the health bill, the Democrats would be accepting blame for pre-1789 tactics and shaping the bill more. However, the outsider has no choice but to evaluate the behavior, not the chatter or psychological posturing. The Congress allowed the Suu Kyi matter pass by, the Iran deadline pass by and now the Iraqi elections — and if it is on account of me, it is all for things that have been in discussion for years now. If the government were a girlfriend, one would definitely have to dump her for being all smoke, no fire.

It appears that the Senate parliamentarian would strip out a rider if the healthcare bill ends up in reconciliation. In other words, there is no hope down that road either.

It’s important that the Third World continues to make deals among itself and pay no heed to the Amerikkkan fascist model masquerading as liberal democracy. The Third World may not have procedures on paper that Amerikans would like to see, but the Third World countries have their own strengths.

The Democrats have effectively denied me my civil rights yet again. Others are far ahead in advancing their candidacies as of this date. As a matter of accountability and simplification for the international united front, I rule out being an appointee in the government through 2012. I also rule out running as a Republicrat in 2010, which in turn limits my options for 2012. 2017 is fast-approaching.

Asian-descended people need to know the score. We lost that fight for my candidate rights.

Also lost is the future willingness of pundits to be used in State Department negotiations. On this score, the Obakianites show not even a slight glimmer of understanding of the normal workings of diplomacy carried out over long periods of time, including elections. Any pundit or other non-electoral politician in the future called forth into negotiations would have to be a total idiot, because the Democrats would use that to make a totally unknown pundit the object of pornographic ridicule and say it was a campaign question, going back 30 years no less.

The battle for a third or fourth party is not totally lost. I asked for the rich countries and Third World to take action that would have the effect of making government more accountable now.

The Third World is also pressuring the U.S. Government regarding the historical record. That struggle to limit fascism goes on.

The very same racist Democrats who spent hours denouncing Ralph Nader for altering the whole 2000 presidential election are saying there is no point in clearing up government disabling of my candidate rights, because I can’t win. It’s not something one can have both ways: if there is no point in my having candidate rights, there is no point in Democrats’ complaints about Ralph Nader.

The same Democrats who rush abroad to help any candidate ward off government sponsored rumors were quicker to send Joe Biden to get candidates on the Iraq ballot for 2010 than my rights in 2008 or 2010, not to mention 1992. Both parties stand exposed to the whole world for their misleading posturing in 2008 trying to con both Abbas and Iran regarding the possibilities of a deal involving me.


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