International Wimmin’s Day

I have scattered observations for International Wimmin’s Day.

  • Yesterday, I received a brief Aesopian threat against my mother who supposedly was taking her last breath.

  • There has been some renewed attention to a motorcycle/miniscooter situation in which a young womyn was injured.

    The higher one goes into international issues, the more threats. There are privileged U.$. females making contributions in struggle, but many will not be known until certain levels of threat and repression pass.

    As Kristof’s most recent column on Rwanda correctly pointed out, in many war situations it is the men dying but it is also the time wimmin face the highest threat of sexual violence. Something has gone wrong with the national question and sexual violence goes up. One cannot say there is a war and then men don’t die but sexual violence increases. That’s not usually the case in Rwanda, ex-Yugoslavia or many other places.

    Leaving aside that situation and looking at females in imperialist countries, for International Wimmin’s Day, I would recommend the ruminations in Charlotte Raven’s latest article. What’s valuable about it is that the article attempts to see whole patterns of social interaction, not just one persyn’s experience.


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