Tactics, strategy and line

This is a good time to use a new situation to teach old truths.

I have just updated the situation on a pattern of lynching as a tactic.

The repeat use of the tactic of lynching is a strategy of lynching. In other words, if only one persyn carried out a lynching on behalf of the Democratic Party, one might say it was a one-time tactic of the Democratic Party. When one starts to see that white females are being sent for the sole purpose of creating a scandal or possibly spying and disruption, we can talk about lynching as a strategy.

Once there is a strategy of lynching, certain arguments come up over and over again in a pattern. The ideological and scientific discussion connected to that are called “line.”

Those who argue from tactics to line are mistakenly called “grounded,” but they are really “pragmatic,” which means unprincipled. It means that one has a method of taking action and then justifying it after-the-fact with whatever line works at that moment.

In contrast, we Maoists are scientific. We argue from line to strategy to tactics. We have created an analysis of social conditions generally, that we do not vary as much as the pragmatists do from individual-to-individual or moment-to-moment. Our most important observation on this score is that “the principal contradiction is between imperialism and oppressed nations.”

To come up with line, we looked at the united $tates and determined that the united $tates is composed of a vast majority of exploiters and national oppressors. Reality enters the picture thus and we do not deny reality, simply because we have a strategy we prefer.

The left-wing of parasitism broadly including the Obakianites says — without real world evidence — that the majority of Amerikans is exploited. The real reason for that is that they are dogmatically wedded to a strategy of pursuing 50%+1, well-suited for Democratic Party election campaigning. We hear endlessly about their strategy and their great individual leaders, but never a word how MIM’s analysis of class and nation is wrong. The money of the Democratic Party in providing careers speaks louder than the science of social analysis for the left-wing of parasitism, including the racist extremists behind my lynching.

There is no reason to be deluded or give up the struggle in a minority situation like MIM’s. The following strategies are open to those of the MIM line:

  • The Ralph Nader strategy of organizing the minority to tip a situation as in the 2000 Bush v. Gore election.
  • The Larry Craig strategy of tapping a foot in a bathroom somewhere and bringing opprobrium on oneself. The strategy goes with the flow of the hatred, judo-style.
  • Organizing external pressure from countries that do not agree with the 50%+1 public opinion of the United $tates.


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