Update on the pattern of lynching

I had asked the U.$. media and Congress to break a story on a pattern of lynching in my life. Specifically, I asked about three white females.

We’ve now had Aesopian confirmation from the government, media and campaigners regarding all three, including one Aesopian confirmation from the lyncher herself.

There has also been a discussion of other females paid to spy on me, including those who do not make accusations.

There is abundant evidence to pass a Congress resolution on a “pattern of lynching,” but it has not happened. If Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch were worth anything for the United $tates, they already would have denounced the use of lynching as a regular tactic by the Democratic Party.

The organizations in question and the Congress have entrenched interests making it difficult to acknowledge what is now far and away obvious as a pattern. That is why the Aesopian buzz never makes it into action.


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