King Arthur’s court

The comment about “King Arthur’s court” by Obama refers to the third lyncher in my list.

The Obama camp is admitting the same racist Pilgrim of first lyncher fame is also involved with the third. When Axelrod says not to give a “rat’s ass” about the court intrigue, he is making an Aesopian reference of “rat” to the racist Pilgrims.

The third lynching was attempted with Democratic spin in 2010. The Army and CIA were quick to shoot it down via Aesopian language, the Army with references to people who need alcohol and drug counseling.

So you our readers see the Aesopian conversation now. Below is something of a skit about realities involved.

International United Front (IUF) rep in Iraq: What’s this I hear about Henry Park now? You mean to tell me you did not have Henry Park under 24/7 surveillance in 2008? Are any of you Amerikkkans not full of shit?

Peace liaison of the U.S. Army: I’ll get back to you.

U.S. Army liaison (female): OK, of course we did have Henry Park under surveillance. We’re not stupid. So did several other countries.

IUF rep in Iraq:
So why is the Democratic Party lynching him now? What kind of new war preparation is this screwing over the Palestinians?

U.S. Army liaison: I don’t know.

Hillary Clinton: Let’s ask Henry Park whether he favors military dictatorship.

Henry Park: Fabricating rape charges and other sexual scandals is not dissent. It’s lynching.

Democrats in the U.$. media: Whisper, whisper, OK, maybe we ought to give diplomacy its due, and we know that those racist Pilgrims are in fact no good anyway.

Henry Park: Whether campaign or not, there is no place for lynching. When are you going to acknowledge the pattern? The lynching of 1989-1991 is over. There was never any process. You can’t change it now with rumors.

U.S. Army liaison to IUF in Iraq: OK, the CIA and the Army did get right on it and tell the media they were full of shit. The military did not intend to create a certain impression; although, everyone was looking for a distraction at a certain point as Japan pointed out.


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