Appearances created by lyncher number three

This article is background for another article titled King Arthur’s court. It’s about Aesopian struggle. Aesopian struggle is the symbolic literary approach of run-and-hide racists.

We have the following appearances created by lyncher number three related struggles. I was never informed of any sexual complaint by this persyn, but I refer to her as a lyncher because she met me at a bar and used that to gain access to me which in turn Democratic Party activists have started using this year in a sexual innuendo game.

1. There is a pro- and anti- Henry Park struggle going on in the Catholic Church.
2. In 2008 there was a pro-Obama campaign move to lure me to Democratic Party money for obvious reasons.
3. There was a conspiracy to have me mention the status of the female so she could sue me in connection to her ex-boyfriend!
4. There is a related bid in the Catholic Church to get me to support Obamacare including an implied willingness to arrange a lynching.
5. The Democratic Party has people spreading rumors recently that lyncher three is the reason that I never ran for office. Yet I never received any of the rumors created for that till this year.
6. NPR has run a commentary by someone else of the same exact name I was given for this lyncher. Her commentary on Victorian era post offices seemed to admit in Aesopian fashion that my lyncher number one’s handler was involved in extortion against me.
7. What concerned me at the time was she was trying to do me a favor on behalf of another country which would then leave me framed. Another possibility is that I was being informed of this occurrence.

I don’t think people obviously speaking in Aesopian code should be taken seriously except as more proof of a civil rights conspiracy against me.



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