Questions to ask about the lynching cover-up

Why was there no procedure for confrontation of evidence regarding the lynching (despite my request) and why are you changing the subject from that to various rumors two decades after the fact?

Why have you not released government transcripts from the 1989-1991 period, including phone intercepts?

Why did the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center (SAPAC) cancel its appointment with me after I told them who violated my consent by name?

Why are you pretending there was not a scandal at the time when I signed my name in the open on a letter to several people? Why have I to this day not received a detailed accusation in writing? (I only received an implied insinuation in recent years.)

How can you deny there was a scandal at the time when I wrote a signed letter of complaint to the SAPAC?

Who is denying that there was a rape rumor created against me?


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