Obamacare looks dead ==> political implications

The Senate parliamentarian cleared up some confusion. The Obamacare Senate version will have to become law first before there can be reconciliation used as a tactic by the House.

Since the Senate version does not have the Stupak abortion language,(1) pundits say Obamacare is dead.

Perhaps for this reason we see Michelle Obama drop a hint of making Hillary Clinton president (as part of a deal for her support we assume).(2) We also see Aesopian speculation that Obama is threatening or bribing ex-MC12.

Other characters from my academic background are appearing in the healthcare argument. I repeat: before I graduated my scholarship was taken away from all Asian-Amerikans with the argument that the donors wanted to refocus on other ethnic groups, not that the scholarship was not already mostly Black and Latino. There was a small relative handful of us. There is further proof that can be found on that if fascist repression ever lifts.

MIM never supported individual government reforms. The closest we came was a close vote on whether or not we should pit student loans against prison spending, because prisoners and students were groups we were aiming at as part of our base. We put the question of leadership to the RCP=CIA, and we were so well-known in our stance that we were rejected by one Obakianite who said she wanted to see a healthcare program. That was long before Obama came to office.

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2. http://voices.washingtonpost.com/federal-eye/2010/03/michelle_obama_almost_thanks_p.html


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