Violence in Iraq and Afghanistan removed from headlines

Patrick Kennedy took on the media March 10, regarding Afghanistan and Kucinich called for getting out of Afghanistan in 60 days.

“[T]he press of the United States, is not covering the most significant issue of national importance and that is the laying of lives down,” Kennedy screamed on the House floor.(1)

CBS News defended itself against Kennedy.

MIM would add that when Bush Jr. was president, diplomacy drew benefit, because the Democrats covered every death in the wars. Now Kennedy points out that even U.$. troop deaths don’t get the coverage of the Massa alleged gay scandal in the House.

The situation in Iraq is similar. Deaths of Iraqis that made regular television coverage now disappear.

“The number of Iraqis killed in war-related violence increased by 44 percent — to at least 255 — between January and February.

Figures compiled by The Associated Press show that at least 30 unidentified bodies were found in January and February across the country. That was still a low number compared with past years but a number large enough to suggest that sectarian killings may not have entirely ceased.”(2)

At his speech at MIT on the 10th, the British Foreign Secretary took the opportunity of his delivering the “Compton Lecture” to speak for political steps toward Afghanistan reconciliation.(3)



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