We told you so: Sorcery and the Tea Party movement

A Lebanese man faces a death sentence in Saudi Arabia for sorcery: “According to his lawyer, Sibat, who is 48 and has five children, would predict the future on his show and give out advice to his audience.”(1) We here at MIM should also be charged with sorcery.

We are now in the second greatest economic crisis the United $tates has faced in the last 100 years. There is still time for this crisis to surpass the Great Depression depending on what happens next.

During the 2008 campaign, Obama brought out the tired old left-wing of parasitism idea that Amerikan “workers” only have false consciousness, divided over abortion and other such “wedge issues.” The left-wing of parasitism continues to believe that the majority of Amerikans are “exploited.” These phony leftists constantly predicted economic depression since World War II and they were wrong every time.

In contrast, MIM predicted one big crisis, this one. We hold that the Amerikans are not “exploited” in their majority and we even said that an economic crisis would have to be severe and long for re-proletarianization to occur. The first reaction to economic crisis would be an accelerated move to recapture old privileges.

We were correct.

Here is what we said about Nazi Germany:

“Nonetheless, despite the devastation of the war and the dire economic conditions, ‘re-proletarianization’ was little in evidence. The German population continued to complain about reparations, land claims and much more. The subjective will to build a socialist Germany did not exist in a widespread way prior to the Red Army’s seizing power in Germany and even well after. The Soviet occupation accomplished land reform and reparations that undercut the Nazis. Since the popular will for socialist construction did not exist with its own German ‘umph’ it was crucial that the Red Army imposed land reform, a successful referendum for expropriation and reparations to the Soviet Union that laid the eventual basis for the German people’s not looking down on others. In the future, to improve on such a result even more, MIM is going to favor opening the borders to immigrants instead of gradually sending more and more ‘foreigners’ home, as happened with Soviet troops trickling back to the USSR during the occupation of Germany. Where possible, immigrant workers and tourist members of the national bourgeoisie of the Third World may serve as a basis for going further in transformation than eastern Germany did.(2)

Germany faced a much greater devasation than the United $tates of today does, but it did not re-proletarianize. Likewise, neither is the United $tates “polarizing” politically through a re-proletarianization during the current economic crisis. That is the left-wing of parasitism’s delusion.

The Tea Party movement senses that the economy used to run without such a federal deficit and now seeks to reclaim that state of the economy. It is far from what the left-wing of parasitism had in mind in an economic crisis, but it is exactly what we said would happen without something even more devasting than what Germany faced.

It is important that the international united front not be fooled by prattle in the United $tates. There is a long and difficult task ahead. Substantial change can only be imposed from outside. The best that can be done is to contain Amerikan decadence and perhaps reform the anarchy of production somewhat. The central class question cannot be resolved until the joint dictatorship of the proletariat of the oppressed nations arrives.

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