Google latest victim of its own missionary disease

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    The New York Times has reported the gradual departure of Google’s influence from China.(1) Google is claiming to be for non-censored search results in China, and this to a U.$. audience used to thinking poorly of China.

    The other side of the story is not being heard in the U.$. media.

  • Google was the first adwords business to censor MIM political ads.
  • Google assists the U.S. federal government in spying on citizens.
  • Google has always made pornography available.

    On the other hand, with any large corporation, not everything it does is all bad. The British press complains that British secret services are exposed by Google satellite.(2) MIM would recommend finding other ways to spy on the British SAS.

    The attack on privacy in the name of profits is a hallmark of fascism. It amounts to saying: trust your large corporations and government that work together. In actual fact, Liberal capitalism requires privacy. However, in the name of “free speech” corporations are spying on people and spreading pornography.

    Large corporations have arrived to muck up the Internet and drag people backwards. The latest is mobile phones that collect information on their users and sell it, in a fashion similar to web collection of spy data.(3)

    Google apparently suffers from Western missionary syndrome in which violations of freedom in other countries receive great play while violations of Google’s homebase country’s freedom and privacy receive no attention.

    In a similar vein, Iran has taken action to ban Google’s gmail.(4) Inside U.$. borders, the white supremacists have Asian-unAmerikkkans rocked back on their heels, but in Asia awareness and self-consciousness is growing. The days when everything Asia does is repression and everything Amerikkka does is “freedom” are receding.


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