Upside-down economic analysis and the principal contradiction

When a party’s economic analysis is upside-down, everything else will be wrong. Because the Democratic Party opportunists acting as Trojan Horses in our communist movement espouse that Amerikans are exploited, they act exactly opposite as MIM would act.

While we say we would sacrifice on abortion, healthcare, gun control and the budget to achieve independence for Palestine, they say the opposite. Palestinian lives are lost as ever with Obama in power. This leaves the anti-imperialist movement two choices: it can conclude the United $tates is not relevant to the Mideast or it can conclude that it makes a big difference to reject phony Maoism. The first is a whitewash of U.$. imperialism.

Related to that is the case of my lynching. Here the Democrats have argued that the right to lynch has to be defended as “free speech” supporting healthcare, the nomination of a Supreme Court justice and countless other items that any other liberal Democrat without the lynching in the background could have done.

Bash the Pope while defending the CIA and the mafia the Obamautons will do as long as the right to lynch ends up justified. Vote for healthcare to justify the right of white females to lynch — and so on. And the “so on” is a long list including bashing religion in order to support the Afghan war in deeds, if not always in the hardly read newspaper of the Obakianites.

Now the Obamautons hand out money to insurance companies as another huge benefit for Amerikans. In that way they consolidate support for imperialism while slapping Asian-Amerikans in the face, yet again.

In a strange way, the Obakianites agree with us that the principal contradiction is between imperialism and oppressed nations. We sacrifice on lesser issues to gain on independence of colonies and lynching while the Obamautons sacrifice on peripheral issues to maintain the right to lynch and occupy. The Obamautons take the side of imperialism, as is only logical given their flawed underlying economic analysis.

A Liberal does not see a principal contradiction, no need for focus, just individual struggles. The counterrevolution by contrast does have focus in trying to mirror MIM, but on behalf of the oppressor.


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