Media Iraq/Palestine coverup

On March 22, seven people died in Iraq and March 23, another eight in explosions.(1) These events would have made U.$. television coverage under a Bush administration. With Obamautons in power, the media shuts up.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian media claims a third intifada is underway in Palestine. While the U.$. media has gone into depth over the Netanyahu-Biden-Obama flap, we have not heard anything about an intifada here.

The Iraq and Palestine situations have taught MIM some fine details of communications and diplomacy in the U.$. power structure. The disparity between war coverage under Bush and Obama is either on account of Democratic undermining of diplomacy or because of fascism’s steamrolling effects: the choice is up to Democrats.

Also of note is that the Egyptian paper has been down a couple days.

Meanwhile, the Saudi king supported Obama’s healthcare victory.(2)



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