Contempt for parliamentary democracy: another condition of fascism

The favorability ratings of the leaders of Congress are 11% and 8% respectively for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid respectively.(1) Meanwhile Obama’s ratings continue to hover around a break-even point.

The numbers for the top Republican Party leaders in Congress are not much better. The Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has a 31% favorability rating. In the House, the top Republican John Boehner has a 25% favorability rating.(2)

The disrespect for Congress (parliamentary institutions) relative to a persynality cult is another hallmark of fascism, right out of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. It was the disrespect for Germany’s Weimar Republic and its legislature in particular that cleared the way for Hitler.

Pelosi’s ratings dipped 8 points in December, 2009 when questioners added that she headed the House of Representatives.(3) When asked if they could pull a lever to oust every single member of Congress, would they do it, half of those polled in a different survey said yes.(1)

Although MIM also has contempt for parliament and the politics of pornography lifted right out of Weimar days, we know that the Amerikkkan style of contempt for Congress is not a good thing. It comes from the fascist side. We don’t have a proletarian side here to take up a communist opposition to parliament, because the vast majority of people are economically petty-bourgeois.

Reid at 8% and Pelosi at 11%. The original CBS poll document is here:;contentBody

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