Geopolitical update

Just before the healthcare vote, someone threatened to out Obama for the third party infiltration gambit I have written on. However, the claim by the press supposedly pointing to Robert Gates at the Pentagon was that the third party doing the outing should not have a grudge. Readers will recall that I myself did no particular maneuvering in the nine days leading up to the health vote.

Hence, the healthcare bill has passed and there is no reason for a grudge by Avakian anymore. Yet, we do not see Avakian and a secret service step forward. On the other hand, Putin did just push through an arms deal with the United $tates.

Pelosi has now said that Obama’s threat to resign is the model going forward. The Republicans deserve what they got for being too anti-communist to stand for the civil rights of people like me, but the Pelosi formula is no good for the international proletariat going forward.

The Tea Party movement was wrong to target Obama’s Marxism: there was no worker uprising or worker control at stake. So the Tea Party movement should have asked, “where is Obama REALLY getting his support?” Even at face-value what he is trying to do is force rich youth to shoulder more of the burden of the older generation’s healthcare, in what is an inter-generational transfer of wealth greater than the federal deficit, but he is doing that with state power for corporate profits–the corporatist formula of fascism, not Marxism. The Tea Party should always calm down and ask itself, “do you see any worker uprising? Are factories being taken over? Who is Obama really giving benefit to?” If the Tea Party movement would stick with reality, it would be more effective in its opposition to fascism.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is arguing that they will be shooting to make a deal with the Taliban after the war against the Taliban has tipped now that Obama has sent more troops to Afghanistan.

“‘The shift of momentum is not yet strong enough to convince the Taliban leaders that they are, in fact, going to lose,’ said Gates. ‘And it is when they begin to have doubts about whether they can be successful that they may be willing to make a deal. And I do not think we are there yet,’ he said.(1)”

Ever since Obama agreed to send more troops to Afghanistan, Gates has spoken forcefully on Obama’s behalf.

As we head into the important decisions of this week, the international proletariat should be aware of the special deal and unity of imperialists in attacking Afghanistan. This is a factor that has to be considered.

The international proletariat should skip all the corrosive Liberal pornography spewed by the U.$. media and focus on the overall balance of geopolitical forces and strategy. It is correct that the international proletariat is on the offensive this week. “Seize the time” is important for us. The cards are on the table as they rarely are, but they have to be pulled into play the right way.

In other news I received three more bits of information I was not expecting after the healthcare vote:

  • I received Aesopian confirmation on the beating (of someone else) I mentioned.
  • There was recognition of identity theft problems.
  • I received answers to questions I asked, much to my surprise.

    Gates has indicated that he has a variety of tools at his disposal. That’s why it was especially stupid for the Obaconites not to reconcile with me BEFORE 2008. Not only was it stupid, but also it was complicity in war crimes.

    Some may feel that I err in not playing along with psychological games of the imperialists; however, the winning course is behaviorist, not ad hominem, at least when it comes to the national bourgeoisie and other leaders of the international proletariat. We pay attention to behaviors and patterns in them in fact, not mostly individual motivations. It’s easy to get sidetracked into the national, class and gender oppression of the system otherwise.



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