Break and Mideast update

U.$. casualties in Afghanistan doubled in the first quarter of 2010 compared with 2009(1) and the CIA has pushed forward the womyn question to sell the war to European allies.(2) The U.$. troop deaths have received little attention in the U.$. media.

Likewise, the bombings in Iraq that killed 53 people have been buried by other discussions, courtesy of Obamautonic media.(3)

The Almighty Dollar leaves the national bourgeoisie with the feeling that it has to export to the United $tates and turn around and loan the money for U.$. occupations. This is a short-term illusion that needs to be pierced. It’s not so much the exchange rate at this moment but increasing business ties to grow faster in the non-U.$. world, regardless of how those business ties look on paper in dollar terms.

Korea and China are still in strife with Japan over World War II textbook teachings. One might wonder if the non-U.$. world is more chauvinist in its internal conflicts than how the United $tates handles the rest of the world. Yet, there is a fine difference in that Japan pays for occupation and provides the surplus for it, but does not carry out that occupation so much itself. That’s why the KCNA is right to say that U.$. imperialism is the arch-enemy. With a bloated dollar and internalized racism serving Third World labor on a U.$. plate it is easy for U.$. imperialism to buy off some Third World tokens and appear less racist. However, the Third World countries can still proceed with their economic relations despite appearances of their relative value on paper and one day the Third World will be able to cast away the shell of the old economic relations.

I’m on break and still won’t be extorted into service.



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